Friday, 27 December 2013

Studying Law After XIIth

Hello people!  So January is just around the corner and  so are your pre-boards!

I'm sure you'd be juggling between various issues at this moment. Like pre-boards, boards, filling up forms for colleges, and most importantly which course or programme to take up? Frankly, please don't get so paranoid, it'll all get over soon!! Just focus on your present, forget what's already happened,  and plan your future carefully as thats what will help you!

Further, regarding the greater concern in your lives, which you'd be hearing each day from those annoying old aunties, "Beta, aage kya karna chahte ho?". Don't feel lost or get demotivated if you haven't thought of anything yet, it's okay, you are not the only one!

Coming to the various career options, you are definitely aware of the various options like the honours courses in various subjects that you have, like Economics, sociology, political science, history, maths, hindi, home science, biology,  physics, etc. If you feel you are already bored and tired of your subjects, you don't need to get more irritated studying them, you definitely can change your streams.

I, myself had commerce with maths in both 11th & 12th grade, but I couldn't continue with accounts, business and maths. Hence, I decided to change my stream. Further, since the earlier 3 year programme was made as a 4 year programme which would have only provided me an honours degree, I opted for doing law, which is a 5 year programme and provides me with an honours degree as well as a professional degree, or in other words, it's an added advantage/ edge over all those doing a plain honours course!!

Law has two main streams, B.A., LL.B. and B.B.A., LL.B. While B.A. has all the subjects of humanities like sociology,  history,  political science,  philosophy,  etc. B.B.A. has all the subjects of commerce,  like accounting,  economics,  business management,  etc. They both are highly developed courses and provide with 2 degrees in just 5 years. And another added advantage,  most of the law schools in India, don't focus on your boards percentage as the basic criteria,  they conduct their own respective entrance tests, which consist of elementary level maths, i. e., 1-10th standard maths,  general knowledge,  english, logical reasoning and basic legal knowledge. For your help, you can also join one of the institutes for the crash courses after your boards get over. These institutes assist you in filling all the forms, giving the MCQ test, group discussions and personal interviews.

Most of the forms for colleges are released starting December mid. Its better to apply as early as possible as it provides you with an advantage to chose the centre closest to your house.

The various universities you can apply for are, The NLUs, (the 14 colleges all across India under Common Law Admission Test), National Law University,  Dwarka, New Delhi, UPES, Dehradun, Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Symbiosis Law School, Noida, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

Law further provides you with a wide range of options like getting into litigation, cooperate world, judiciary. You can also apply for various civil services after the 5year course, or do your LL.M. and then Ph.D. and further become a professor. There are various other upcoming specialised programmes like cyber law, sports law, environment law, etc.

Legal education is helpful in everyday life as well. Every firm, business or otherwise, is incomplete without a legal adviser. As a law student,  I would advise you to choose your career stream wisely, and if you require any help you can contact me.

- Aastha Wadhawan (


  1. I am a law student and you are the best friend I could get there!! :P :D

  2. heyy my dear aastha , the bsc, llb is the mpst helpful stream in india i& in our country we r lagging in no of bsc, llb students as they are very much required for patent rights , its an upcoming stream & india will be well versed with patent firms with next 10 yrs for surree.....


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