Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How to Prepare for Class XII Boards

Hey People! It’s December, for some it is Christmas month and for some it is one-month-less-in-BOARDS.

I know, many of you may won’t peruse it further after reading ‘BOARDS’.
BOARDS, as for some, give them a horror feeling, some feel a trickling of terror in their veins for a second, some feel goosebumps, some think oh-shit-school-life-over.

See, little nervousness is obvious, but be sure it doesn’t effect your studies or health.
Try to keep yourself calm after reading my further words.

You’ve barely 3 months left, actually less than 3 months, in which February is of 28 days and unfortunately 2014 is not a leap year. Oh no no! Please don’t hate February, it is my birthday month. You have already missed first 8 days of December. Sorry, I’m not in a mood to scare you, but to make you aware of reality.

BOARDS will give you a thunder effect in your body, I’ve gone through the same conditions but it’s not the time to get panic but to pull up your socks and to give your best. It’s the time to KEEP CALM AND STUDY. Give your everything to these three months and trust me these three months, in return will give you your bright future.

Some may are preparing well but some haven’t even started studying yet, so here is the chance to start it from today onwards. There is still time, start up, have faith in your-self and results WILL show up. See, 3 months is not less, even enough to do a whole course if you’ve the courage to do so.

Firstly and importantly, PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE. Plan it according to your strength and weaknesses. Supposingly, your exams start from 1st of March, then you still have 82 days in your pocket. Let’s exclude 1st of January, ENJOY your NEW YEAR! Now you still have 81 days, approximating it to 80.You need to study atleast 8-10 hours a day. Yes, you read it right, atleast 8- 10 hours. Divide your 5 subjects in these 80 days, give more time to weaker and make your strong points even stronger. Try to allocate your day according to your needs, don’t compromise on your food. Take liquid diet more, as it keeps you light and energetic.

Secondly, don’t just mug up, try to undertsand the concept as it will help you to understand various type of questions from a single topic. Clear your doubts, as many as you’ve. It’s time to make your each penny worth. Dig out your silliest of silly doubts and do not hesitate a little in asking them. It’s better to clear out them in class rather than disturbing yourself in exam, because they have the power to ruin your dreams.

Do not forget to do NCERT, as it is very important, 75 per cent of paper comes from it only. 

Don’t get scared, paper comes easy. 

Don’t let depression conquer you, there is still a ray of hope trying to reach you. Let yourself consume that ray.

Be motivated, study well and ALL THE BEST.

-By Jivya (

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