Tuesday, 30 June 2015

How to Pass CA Final with Just 2 Months Preparation?

Funny you asked me as I did exactly that. However, here's a heads up. I think I was extremely lucky to have passed right on the dot. I had almost no hopes of clearing it with such little preparation, but just about made it. Here's what I did.

1. Give 4 days to the Practice Manual for each subject, except ISCA for which you allocate 3 days. Thus, you have a schedule for 31 days when you're doing all the PM's back-to-back.

2. Remember to mark all the tricky questions and concepts that would require you to give multiple revisions in different colors/markings during this reading.

3. After you're done with the PM's once, repeat the whole process again for the next 31 days, focusing immensely on retaining all difficult concepts and learning them for the exam.

4. During the second session with the PM's, make a list of all questions which you would want to refer one day before the exam. I normally had 50-100 questions listed per subject for last day revision.

5. On the morning of the exam, flip through the RTP, giving special attention to case laws mentioned therein.

Remember that I had a very close shave with my results and I passed only because my 2nd group scores pulled my aggregate above 50%. I would suggest you put in more time in your studies, but like I said, I could manage to pass with just 2 months of study, no prior tuitions, no other books or reference material. So, it's not impossible, but not advisable either.

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