Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Is BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) a good course to do along with CS?

I did my BFIA from CBS and then went on to do a CS, CA and CMA. Having studied these courses closely, I'd want you to consider the relevance of both the courses separately first and then together.

As I graduated in 2011, when BMS had not replaced BBS and BFIA, I don't know much about the current BMS syllabus structure. But I have good reason to believe that it's a lot like BBS. I feel it's a good undergrad course to enroll for. However, you must know that the college you do it from makes all the difference. In case you get a better college for B.Com than one for BMS, I'd suggest picking the more renowned institution as in my experience, most of my learning in college was from my peers, and the college environment had more to contribute towards my development than the course content. If you manage to get a seat at CBS, grab it without a doubt.

Theoretical knowledge wise, I feel both BMS and B.Com will provide an equally good content base for you to pursue a CS later.

As the Company Secretary course is mostly about corporate laws, I would suggest an LL.B. with CS so that you understand both, the provisions as well as the procedures of the law.

So pick any undergrad course, do your CS professional course very well, focus immensely on getting the best practical experience during your internship and then also go for an LL.B.

-Sarthak Ahuja

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