Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Which is the Easiest Course out of CA, CS, CPA and CISA?

It's best not to compare these courses as they serve slightly differing objectives. But I hope the following explanation would help you gauge their difficulty level.

1. While the course content of CS is primarily law focused, requiring a student to learn a lot of provisions of various corporate, commercial and industrial laws applicable in India, CA focuses on building expertise in taxation, auditing, accounting, cost accounting, company law and financial management in a more holistic manner. The CA course content is extremely vast in comparison to the CS syllabus and also tries to teach everything in-depth, which makes it one of the best and most respected qualifications in the commerce stream. It goes without saying that CS is comparatively easier than CA. To give you more perspective, it took me not over a month to prepare for CS Finals, but almost 4 months to prepare for the same number of papers in CA Finals.

2. CPA has four subjects and the exam is of an objective type. Now, being objective type doesn't mean that the exam is easy. It's just that being crystal clear on your basics would fetch you marks on an MCQ type paper. The course focuses on giving you a good foundation to understand the subject and also assumes that your real learning will be on the job. You need not more than 10 months to register for, prepare, take the exams and be done with your CPA course. However, to get a license, you will have to do on the job training of about 4 years. Also, CPA requires you to choose the US state for which you would want to take the taxation paper.

3. CISA is on Information System Auditing and is normally done as an additional course to one of the previously mentioned courses. It goes without saying that CA, CS or CPA should form the base for one to later do CISA.

My final opinion on a general toughness level: CA > CS > CPA > CISA

However, this in no way says that one of these degrees is better than the other. You have to choose what you like and then be the best at it.

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