Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Can I pass CA without Coaching?

Of course you can! CA is a correspondence course, in which the Institute gives you all the sufficient study material and other resources required to understand all the subjects, practice and pass the exam.

Now, I am not someone who is against coaching classes. You must seek help in any subject that you may be facing any problem with. But you must not take coaching for any of the following reasons:

1. Your peers/parents/relatives tell you that it is not possible to pass the exam without coaching.
2. You have not tried to read and understand the subject yourself from at least 2 different sources.
3. You feel that coaching will ensure that you study regularly because otherwise you don't have the motivation or self-discipline to pick up your books and study on a regular basis.

If your reasons to take coaching are any of the above, then:

For Point No. 1: Please stop listening to and surrounding yourself with people who underestimate you and tell you that you are not smart or intelligent enough to do it on your own. Everyone, including my parents, told me that I should take tuitions, but I wanted to try and understand the subjects on my own first and then decide if I actually needed them or not. This decision really helped as I surveyed a few books, gave special attention to the Institute's material (which most other people ignored) and saved a lot of time and money travelling to and from coaching classes. It is not as difficult as you may think it to be. It just takes a little bit of self belief, consistency and discipline.

For Point No. 2: Try reading the ICAI's official material. There is nothing more authentic than the Institute's resources. If you want more practice or wish to try some other methods of presentation in an attempt to understand better, try various other authors. I have found that Padhuka's books are very helpful for students who wish to study on their own. There are many offerings from publishers like Taxmann too. Go and survey the market for any help. Or message/call me for any such help.

For Point No. 3: If you are just lazy and lack the discipline to study on your own, I'm sorry to say, but even taking coaching classes won't help you much. The course content requires you to put in dedicated and consistent work towards your subjects. In such a case, tuitions will just waste your time as you won't remember much by the time the exams approach.

However, you must definitely take coaching if you are struggling to understand a few topics. There is no shame in seeking help. Just ensure that your reasons for seeking help are not peer pressure, self-doubt or lack of self-discipline.

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