Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to Study both CA and CS Together?

One can easily study for both CA and CS together. Firstly, from a procedural point of view, you will have to declare that you are enrolled for the CS course during registration of your CA articleship by submitting the details in Form 112.

Now to answer your question from the preparation point of view: Subjects like Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Taxation and Company Law are covered in both the courses. Preparing these subjects for CA would automatically prepare you well enough to take these exams in the CS course. You may just have to go through the CS material to gauge the kind of theory questions, which may be asked in the CS course, but are normally not tested on in CA.

The other subjects in CS related to Economic & Labor Laws, General & Commercial Laws, etc. may require additional preparation as these are not tested in detail as separate subjects in CA. However, you need not fear. These subjects can be easily prepared from the books of various authors of the CS course books.

I prepared from CS Sangeet Kedia's books, but you can explore more books from the market and find those that you may find most comfortable and exhaustive.

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