Monday, 13 July 2015

I am unable to concentrate on my studies at home. What should I do?

I understand how frustrated you may feel for not being able to focus on your studies at home. It's a problem that many students face and you are not alone.

The above statements are true and may make you feel slightly relieved for not being the only one facing this problem. However, if this is not a case of a specific mental learning or attention disorder (which I hope it isn't), your problem is the same as that of someone who is unable to control his urge to eat despite knowing that he may be harming his body by over-eating or consuming unhealthy junk.

I have been a student and I still am, and I can tell you that I have been in your shoes, not being able to concentrate on my books in spite of sitting at my study desk for hours and wasting my days or weeks or months. But looking for answers as to why I could not concentrate did not help much. What helped was realizing that by not making the most of my time and concentrating, I was playing with my career. There were times when this realization would strike and I would still not be able to concentrate, but I had to fight back and get in the zone.

Nothing can help you with this, but you yourself. You could practice some of the following tips to help build concentration:

1. Make a time table for the following day before going to bed. Write it down. Divide it into achievable hourly goals and then stick to it like a leech.

2. Do at least half an hour of physical exercise during the day. I used to go for a run with some energizing music plugged to my ears every morning. It helps build mental alertness and activity.

3. Keep time for short half hour breaks in your time table. But do not extend your breaks by even a single minute.

4. Eat light and healthy so that you don't feel sleepy.

5. Make notes when you feel sleepy. It's not as mentally exhausting as trying to learn something by heart, and it also helps you prepare a resource for revision.

6. Track your performance every single day and write it down in a diary.

Remember that your mind and body should be in your control. Don't let your senses control you. It's not as hard as it seems. You just have to keep at it and try like there's no tomorrow. Good luck and all the best!

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