Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I have failed CA Final 4 times. What should I do?

If your efforts have been consistent and dedicated and you are still struggling, there could be one of the following issues:
1. You have not fully understood the concepts well enough
2. Your books and reference material is outdated or not up to the mark
3. You don't attempt the exam in the best manner probably due to mental pressure or due to presentation skills.

If you are struggling with a few concepts, I would suggest that you take external help in the form of coaching or try different text books to understand the concept. Whenever I used to struggle with a concept, I used to look it up on the internet to find sources from where I could understand it completely. A number of times I would stumble upon YouTube videos of various teachers explaining those topics and their explanations would answer my queries. You could try that.

If you have been studying from your tutor's notes for the past 4 attempts and are still unable to pass, I would suggest studying from a different source. Using a different source might help you by giving you a fresh outlook towards the course, which you may have begun to understandably loathe after these failures. If you haven't already, please do the complete Practice Manuals given by the ICAI for all the subjects multiple times till you know each and every question that they have. Further, study the ICAI Suggested Answers for the past 4 attempts to see where you had been going wrong. If you want to try another external author, I would suggest studying from Padhuka's books. They are very exhaustive and systematic.

If your presentation in the exam is not up to the mark, remember that it is not lengthy answers which score marks but properly structured answers. Make sure that you write your answers in points, mentioning all important key words. You would be able to improve your presentation if you make notes while studying. I used to study from two sources: one, the ICAI material and another external text book. And then I would make my notes after combining points from both materials. These notes helped me to revise the syllabus towards the end and also in preparing me for the number of points to include in every possible answer.

Above all, I would say that please keep calm and carry on. Have faith in yourself and don't lose hope. The course may be tough, but you are tougher!

-Sarthak Ahuja

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