Saturday, 25 July 2015

I'm a CA. Which company should I apply to for a job where I will be trained to become a future leader?

I find this question a little difficult to answer because it is not an easy task to identify companies which would train you to become a future leader. The reason one cannot make a list of such companies is because it is over-idealistic to expect a company to do the job of a management trainer and polish you for top management position, when your career path will depend mostly on your own decisions, skills and abilities, irrespective of the level of company you may start with.

A number of companies may tell you that they recruit people who they see leadership potential in, and that employee growth is as important for them as it is for the employees. However, the ability for one to grow and take up higher managerial positions depends primarily on one's own performance at work.

You can learn a lot about management even by working as a Paid Assistant at a mid-sized CA firm where your responsibilities will grow slowly and steadily and you will be required to manage your teams, administer their work, etc. I would suggest that you look for work that excites you and a profile that you may feel passionate about. Once you're in it, you will automatically grow because of your performance and efforts.

Try to identify the work profile that will be of most interest to you and then dive into it with all your might. I'm sure this will help you more than any other company which you may join with the expectation that they will turn you into a top level manager.

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