Sunday, 19 July 2015

What kind of work do Article Assistants perform at a CA firm?

An Article Assistant's work at a CA Firm can be classified into various different categories. The classification will vary depending on the purpose for which you require such information. For example, for filling in your articleship completion form or for preparing a C.V.

However, a broad and probably the most common classification would be on the basis of type of work performed, such as:

1. Auditing
- Statutory Audit (under various statutes such as the Companies Act, etc.)
- Tax Audit (under the Income Tax Act, 1961)
- Bank Audit (Concurrent, Revenue, Statutory, Stock, etc.)
- Internal Audit (depending on management's needs and requirements)
- Forensic Audit
- Propriety Audit (of NGO's to verify proper and efficient use of funds)

2. Accounting: which primary comprises Book Keeping in an Accounting Software such as Tally, Busy, Fact, Oracle, SAP, etc., but may also include preparation of reconciliation statements such as Bank Reconciliations, preparing Ageing Analysis of Creditors and Debtors and compiling accounting data into relevant information.

3. Taxation (Direct and Indirect)
- Preparation and Filing of Tax Returns (Income Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax, VAT, Excise, TDS, etc.)
- Preparation of submissions for various tax assessments and representations.
- Advisory services, in which case you answer a client's queries relating to various tax compliances and offer some legal tax opinions.
- Obtaining registrations, approvals and other liaisoning with the tax authorities.

4. Legal and Secretarial (primarily concerned with Corporate Laws)
- Preparation and Maintenance of various records under various corporate laws such as Registers and Records specified under the Companies Act, 2013.
- Online filing of various forms under the Companies Act, etc.
- Representation services before various government authorities.

5. Other work such as assistance in office administration.

Every Article Assistant and Principal is expected to maintain record of work performed by the Article during the training period. Such record would form the basis of such classification.

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