Thursday, 6 August 2015

How should I revise Direct Tax after doing VG Sir's classes?

I have no idea what VG Sir's classes are like and I haven't seen his material. However, I do know that he is one of the most popular teachers for Direct Taxation in CA Final. I'd prefer to give a suggestion which is independent of any coaching bias or preference for any private CA coaching institute's material.

Start with the Practice Manual. You have already taken classes, which means that you have studied the course at least once. Even if you think you may have forgotten a number of things and would have to revisit all of it, just drop everything else for the moment and study the official Practice Manual. It will make you brush up on most of the important concepts from a very actual-exam-questions perspective and also help you to gauge areas where you might need to revisit the text and commentaries on the law.

After you're done with the Practice Manuals, go through the primary book you have studied taxation from, which may be your tutor's notes. It's important not to change the source of study very close to the exams because you have already put in a lot of hours to get accustomed to a certain kind of presentation, which is different for every author.

The Practice Manual will however add a fresh perspective that you will need to be able to tackle every kind of question that the exam may ask.

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