Saturday, 8 August 2015

I have failed CA-IPCC for the 3rd time. Should I do an LL.B. instead?

I know that it is a tough time for you, as it would be for any one who fails to pass these exams despite attempting thrice. But, I wouldn't want you to underestimate yourself already. Sure, these exams may be tough. But maybe, you understand all the concepts, but just don't know how to present it in the best manner to secure maximum marks.

I would suggest downloading the Suggested Answers for the past 3 attempts and applying for copies of your answer scripts from the institute. Please compare your written answers to the ICAI's suggested answers. It will help you identify areas where you need to present what you know better.

If you haven't earlier, please study from the Practice Manual now. You must know the answer to every single question in the Manual. Study the RTP's and the amendments thoroughly.

And don't settle for something that you may believe to be easier than CA. Passing the LL.B. exams may seem much easier, but practicing Law is not an easy task. It would be wrong to base your decision to study law on your current failure to pass the CA exams. However, you must pursue Law if you think that is your calling and it genuinely interests you more than the CA curriculum.

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