Thursday, 20 August 2015

What is it like for an ENFJ person to be an Accountant?

So that the others who read this answer understand the context of the question better, I would like to highlight a few characteristics of ENFJ personality type, which is one of the sixteen personality types as per the Myers-Briggs classification.

ENFJ's generally have the following traits:
  • Genuinely and warmly interested in people
  • Value people's feelings
  • Value structure and organization
  • Value harmony, and good at creating it
  • Exceptionally good people skills
  • Dislike impersonal logic and analysis
  • Strong organizational capabilities
  • Loyal and honest
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Enjoy variety and new challenges
  • Get personal satisfaction from helping others
  • Extremely sensitive to criticism and discord
  • Need approval from others to feel good about themselves

Given these traits of wanting to be surrounded by people and having a creative streak, it is believed that ENFJ's do well at jobs that require them to interact with a lot of people and practice their creativity.

An accountant's is a desk job, which in the traditional sense involves neither creativity nor a lot of public interaction.

However, I am a Chartered Accountant and an ENFJ personality type, and this is what I think about my work.

- I attend a number of seminars on professional topics such as those related to taxation, corporate laws and accounting in the capacity of both a participant as well as a speaker, which ensures that I meet a lot of new people frequently. I also teach at a few educational institutes whenever the opportunity arises because interacting with students gives me a lot of satisfaction. Further, writing for professional journals also gives me a sense of satisfaction as because of such writing, I receive some emails and hence my social circle expands.

- As traditionally expected, the role of a practicing Chartered Accountant is not confined to his desk. I have to visit a number of tax authorities and other government officials on a regular basis to represent my clients. Such representation requires me to present my clients' cases in a convincing manner, which again tests both my creativity as well as my people skills to an extent.

- As the owner of my own enterprise, I am required to manage my subordinates, my clients, get resources to be in order, all of which is something that ENFJ's love to do.

- In my free time, I also maintain a humor blog, where I write about random everyday events, thus ensuring that I am in constant touch with writing, a hobby that I enjoy a lot.

Therefore, it would be wrong to view accounting as a job that is theoretically not in line with an ENFJ personality type. I believe that irrespective of where an ENFJ may be, he will find it easier to find opportunities to interact with people and act on them, as compared to the introvert personality types.

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