Monday, 21 September 2015

Are there any paper (stock) trading sites in India where actual bid quantities on the NSE/BSE are taken into account for the buy/sell "order" to be executed?

While there is no particular site offering mock or simulated trading, you can try 'Moneybhai' platform offered by 'Moneycontrol'

It is a virtual trading platform offering the user a virtual corpus to start from.  One can trade and invest in equities from the corpus given. The platform can be used both for virtual trading and investing.

It is based on live trading rates and you can place your bids i.e buy order, sell order, stop loss orders in the similar way as you'd place these orders in the live markets. While the execution is bit slower than that in the live market, it still offers good opportunity and exposure for amateur traders to have hands-on experience of trading and investing the stock market.

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