Thursday, 3 September 2015

Are ICAI's Mock Tests important?

There are 2 reasons for ICAI's mock tests to be helpful:

1. The source is authentic. In my opinion, any material provided by the ICAI is not worth missing out on. The Institute has been trying hard to sway the students away from coaching classes and prepare from the ICAI modules, practice manuals, RTP's, etc. The mock tests are an added feature to the portfolio of reference material provided by the Institute and I would like to believe that ICAI might give a number of questions in the actual exam from the mock tests to promote the resource. It is something they have done in the past with the practice manuals, and it wouldn't hurt them to repeat the strategy.

2. They will ensure that your practice is time bound and you get to handle a mixed bag of questions within the time constraint, as you would in the actual exam.

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