Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What courses can I opt for a career and knowledge in stock market?

Let's try and answer this with 'Knowledge' first and then 'Career'

There are plenty of books available for both Investment and trading purposes. You can start reading them. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is regarded as one of the best books on investment.

Trading is completely different with different markets (Equities and Futures & Options), requiring understanding of technical analysis, various strategies etc. You can refer to some books, for example:

- Dr. Alexander Elder (Trading for a living, Entries and Exits etc),
-Graham and Dodd (security analysis), 
-John Murphy (Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets).

While obviously reading the aforementioned books can help you, personal experiences while following the live markets is the best teacher. 

From the 'Career' point of view, it is important to describe what sort of career options you are looking for. For a simple dealer's job at one of the broking houses, you need to clear NCFM/NISM modules conducted by the NSE. Following links can help you:

1. About the tests: http://www.nseindia.com/educatio... 

2. Registration:

If you're looking for a more challenging job, like that of an analyst, higher level of study is needed. Requirements for a Technical analyst differs from that required for a Fundamental analyst.

Going for courses like CFA, which solely focuses on fundamental analysis, is a long term effort, as the course itself has three levels, also, 4 years of "Investment Industry" experience is needed to become a charter-holder.

In India, prospects of a better career with only CFA, aren't very bright. While at the same time, having professional degrees like CA clubbed CFA have much more potential.

Be careful with the decisions you make, and take a well-informed decision.

All the best.

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