Sunday, 6 September 2015

Does CS involve a lot of rote learning? How much technical knowledge does a CS possess? Will it help me become a good investor?

The CS course has a number of papers on various laws. So yes, as hearbreaking as it would be to admit this, passing law exams takes a lot of rote learning, owing to the nature of the subject. However, you must also know that the laws you study are not so simple that a plain learning of the provisions will be enough for you to get through. There are a number of case study type questions that require an application of the law and familiarity with how the law has progressed over the years in the courts, as well as the intent of the law. But, in comparison to a course like CA or CMA, it is definitely more theoretical.

How much technical knowledge a CS possesses is a very difficult question to answer, and it would be incorrect to even compare any such professional to a specialist with another professional degree. The knowledge a person has of his subjects of specialization depends more on his overall zeal to learn and gather more knowledge than it does on his ability to get passing marks in 15 subjects. Your training, work experience and will to learn are important factors, which vary from person to person. I personally know company secretaries who are a few of the best brains to consult for corporate law and capital market issues. At the same time, I also know of a few who struggle to even earn their daily bread and butter. The ICSI will only give you a certificate. What you make of it completely depends on you.

CS will make you aware of the procedures one has to follow to comply with various laws that apply on a company in India. It will inform you about the statutory guidelines within which, and the manner in which, a company has to function. To become a "good investor" (a very wide term), you would need a number of things, viz. knowledge (of the business, sector, industry, economy), ability to analyze financial data and wisdom that will come through experience.

Hope this answers your questions without sounding preachy.

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  1. there any harm in doing more than one course with ca CS and
    And what are the remedies, if someone had started doing the same???


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