Monday, 7 September 2015

How are so many Aggarwal's topping the CA exams?

Even though the question has its fair share of stereotyping humor, I've tried to seriously think about the same for years too. The answer I offer is based on a theory that my simple brain came up with and I would not want you to take it as authentic.

The Aggarwal's, Goyal's, Gupta's and others from what is recognized as the "Baniya" clan have their geographical roots in what is present day India. A majority of the Baniya's belongs to families that did not have to flee present day Pakistan at the time of the partition of India in 1947. As many of those who had sought refuge in India were Punjabi's and Sindhi's from present day Pakistan, who lost all their family wealth in the process, they had to work harder to build their economic standing all over again. At the same time, the Baniya's, even though no less bruised from the British rule, still had their ancestral lands and family businesses to continue.

As the Baniya families could, relatively, earn their daily bread better than the refugees, they could also have their children focus on education without having to worry about loss of labor to earn money for the household. Also, being a business community, CA seemed to be the most suitable qualification from a business perspective, as it gave one knowledge about taxation, laws, financing and accounting i.e. subjects that are business and commerce related.

The Punjabi's from the fertile lands in North India had enough reason to have their children continue with agriculture, as had been the tradition in their families. On the other hand, people from the south of the Vindhya's have always been proud of their intellectual pursuits, and thus, the culture down south was to prepare for engineering or medical sciences.

Thus, the Baniya's understood the importance of the course better than the other major communities. This led to a high proportion of Baniya's in the profession, thus also raising their probability of achieving an overall rank in the course.

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