Monday, 14 September 2015

How to attempt the ISCA exam in CA Final?

I did not receive a distinction (60% or above) in ISCA, but I did manage to pass the paper in my first attempt. So, do not take this as the penultimate advice on how to attempt the paper, but only my two cents on the topic.

I'm sure every CA student has heard about the terror of the Information System Controls and Audit (ISCA) paper in CA Final. It's the subject with the shortest curriculum in the CA Final pool of papers, but gives most students a tough time despite its simple appearance.

My suggestions on attempting the paper are:
1. Write your answer in points
2. Begin each point with the key word followed by a colon and then the explanation.
3. Underline the key word
4. Write down every point given in the CA Final Study Material for that topic. ISCA is not a subject in which you take a chance by listing only 6 points out of 9, or even 14 out of a total of 15. Do not miss out on a single point!
5. The points in most topics follow a logical sequence, so ensure that you do not mention points out of order.
6. Wherever you can, try to present the points again in the form of a chart. This tip worked for me because of the following reasons:
a) It gives the examiner the idea in a glimpse of your flowchart that you know all the points as well as the order that they follow.
b) It helps you cover up on some errors that your descriptive answers may have, as the examiner would believe that you know your answer very well, given your additional effort in graphical/visual presentation of information.

It goes without saying that above all, study your syllabus in entirety and from the official ICAI resources.

All the best!

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