Friday, 4 September 2015

Is it possible to earn 30 lakhs in 2 years in stock market trading?

I like the framing of the question, for a very specific reason.

Once during an interaction with some traders, one of the rookies asked, 
"I want a million from the market at the end of this year. How can I do it?'

A voice came from the traders desk, "start with 2 million." :D

On a serious note, I strongly believe that the working of the market is largely misinterpreted. In the sense that, one has to understand what the market really offers.

Your starting capital is the most important thing and then comes your expectation out of it. How you manage your risk shall ultimately define your success or failure.

It is also important to set realistic expectations.

Then comes your strategy. Are  you looking solely at investing, or trading, or both. Because both are totally different ball games and require different set of tools and practices.

I'd also like to point out here that everybody likes the "rags to riches" story and dreams of becoming rich real quick and this is where it totally goes wrong. Now because there is demand for such fast, get rich quick ideas, there is supply for it, and in abundance. Point is, in order to get rich quickly or make money real fast, please don't fall prey to such advertisements or messages that claim to have some holy grail or something.

If you're looking for someone's advice to work on, refer to someone who is a licensed analyst. "FREE" schemes are available everywhere. 

Please be careful.

Anything is possible. I'm a strong believer in this theory. You might make much more than. But do it in a planned way. Patience is the key.

Take good informed decisions. Set your priorities, clear out your goals, plan your course of action, and then move ahead. 

All the best

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