Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Which course out of CA or MBA leads to a better income and social status in the future?

I'm not going to go into a long drawn comparison, but try and give you only a general idea about how the courses differ. However, if you want to compare them only from the point of view of future status, lifestyle or income, I'd tell you that there are scrap sellers who pick up old newspaper from your home and make an income of somewhere around Rs. 10,000 per month, and then there are others, who deal in industrial scrap and make millions every week. There are a number of factors that determine your overall success in life. And money is just one small part of a much bigger picture.

Your success will be determined more by the kind of person you are and how driven you are towards the things you do than by a piece of paper that you may call a degree.

I know a number of CA's who pass their papers in the first attempt with brilliant scores, but struggle professionally due to some other shortcomings in their overall personality like lack of communication or marketing skills. And then there are others who struggle to pass their exams, but do wonderfully professionally because of their street-smartness or overall practical bent of mind.

People who get selected to top MBA schools (A League only), get in after a rigorous selection process that filters out all those who lack a portfolio of leadership qualities that these MBA schools look for. The selection process ensures that only the best get in. So the MBA only hones their skills, but these people are mostly self-driven and have displayed leadership ability even before their MBA.

So, be passionate about what you do and keep the faith. Do not let a degree define you. Both courses are good in their own right. CA gives you specialized knowledge in taxation and accounts, whereas an MBA course trains you to become an efficient manager.

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