Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Which one is a cooler course: CA or CS?

Haha. As I've done both the degrees, I like to believe both are cool. But honestly, it depends on your definition of cool. In my opinion, you as a person could be quite cool and that would make all the difference.

I, personally, feel sad that people associate accountancy and allied jobs as drab and boring. As a CA, I get to audit books of accounts, where I feel quite like Sherlock with an accounting expertise, when I catch errors in my clients' books of accounts. Forensic audits are even more fun.

Handling tax assessments before the government authorities is quite a cool job too. You learn how to deal with people, convince them of your point of view and present arguments well. How is that not a cool skill to learn?

As a CS, I get to give a lot of legal opinions on corporate law matters. I feel cool that the Board of Directors of a few companies give importance to my opinion before taking certain decisions. How is that not cool?

Just love what you do and there's nothing in the world that would convince you that your job is boring or uncool.

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