Saturday, 12 September 2015

Will failing in IPCC once hinder my career path as a CA?

Not at all!

If we look at it, what's the worst that would happen? A few companies (say 4 or 5) may not shortlist you in the ICAI's placements. It would hardly make a difference if you wish to start with your own practice. And, if you wish to apply for a job after completing your CA, the world is full of opportunities.

Your technical skills, how well you can do the work you are supposed to do at your job, what kind of a manager you may be, your overall personality, the way you communicate, your extracurriculars... There are so many things that are looked at before selecting a candidate.

We, at our modest CA firm, never select employees and Articled Assistants based solely on marks. I interview all candidates who apply (including qualified CA's), and the decision to get them on board is after a careful consideration of the person's aptitude, personality and ability to get work done in every day practical situations.

You don't need to lose heart. This is only a little bump on your path. Forget about it and keep moving forward. All the best! :)

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