Monday, 19 October 2015

I am an Engineer who wants to study subjects of accountancy and taxation to help me in my family business. The CA course interests me, but I don't have the time to undergo articleship training. What should I do?

Hi! If it's only accounting and taxation knowledge that you seek, and not the qualification of a CA, you could go in for the CMA (ICWA) program. The course structure as well as the syllabus is very similar to that of CA. There are a number of students who are into their late thirties and forties too, as many working professionals undertake the course. You would not be required to undergo articleship training to complete the course.

However, you must also know that one learns work in the true sense only through the practical training one receives during the articleship program.

But if your objective is to only gain knowledge of the field, and use it in your business, CMA is an excellent course to pursue. You can find more about it here: Cost Accountancy

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