Sunday, 4 October 2015

In which order should I take coaching for these subjects of CA Final: SFM, Financial Reporting, Cost Accounting?

As all subjects are practical application based, there is no defined answer for which would be the best order to take coaching for them. I hope you have tried studying these subjects on your own first from the Institute's material as well as some other reference book. If you haven't, please try to go through the content on your own first. You might find a subject that you may not even need external help for, and self-study may be sufficient.

However, if you may still feel the need to take coaching for all three of these papers, pick the subject the coaching for which is available first. This will ensure that you won't waste time waiting for the batch of any particular subject to start.

Also, ensure that while you may be taking coaching for a particular subject, do not depend completely on the study you do in the classroom. Come back home to revise concepts and practice additional questions. It is also important to not put other subjects on the backburner while you take coaching for one. Try to study at least three subjects from the total of eight papers during a period of preparation. It would not be wise to keep your preparation imbalanced by preparing for a subject for months before moving on to the other.

Hope this helps.

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