Monday, 12 October 2015

Is it worth doing CPA as a CA Final student?

If you're a CA Final student, CPA would be a good course to pursue if you plan on working on assignments for companies with operations in the USA or any other country for which you wish to take the CPA exams.

The course normally helps you get opportunities to work on international assignments at the Big 4 accounting firms.

However, I would suggest doing it only after passing your CA Final exams. The reason I ask you to wait for your exams to get over is because I think it would take you about 6 months to prepare for the CPA papers if you put in around 3 hours of serious study everyday during your articleship. I would suggest that you put that time in polishing on your concepts and practicing CA Final questions.

You will have to take the CPA exam (assuming of the Institute in USA) in the US, for which you will have to plan your travel and accommodation, etc. too. Best to keep it after the finals.

You can find out more information about the course here: CPA

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