Monday, 9 November 2015

How much money do I need to pursue the CA course?

The total fee charged by the ICAI at various levels of the CA program right from Registration for CPT to taking your Final exams and pursuing all your mandatory training programs does not total up to more than Rs. 65,000.

However, a number of students (a good majority now) spend on tuitions and coaching, the expenses for which will depend on the number of subjects you take coaching for. However, one can do it through self-study, as has been my personal experience. You may spend a little more on additional reference material or books from the market, but that again should not go beyond Rs. 15,000 for the whole program.

So, all in all, the course is one of the most inexpensive professional courses to pursue in the country.

I have not taken into account the stipend you may receive during your articleship and the expenses you may incur in travelling to and from office, or living in another city to pursue your articleship training as these vary from person to person to an extent where one person may spend Rs. 10,000 per month on rent, food and travelling while another may spend not more than Rs. 500.

Hope this helps.

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