Friday, 6 November 2015

My first CA exam went terribly and I am sure to fail. Should I take the remaining papers or quit this session?

My first exams in both levels viz. IPCC as well as Final were attempted poorly, and I had the same thoughts. However, I decided to not worry about the result and just take the remaining exams for the experience. I thought that maybe a few goof-ups in the remaining subjects might also teach me a few things about the mistakes not to make in my following attempt.

When the results came out, I realized I was lucky enough to have passed by a margin of just one mark and cleared the group.

It's easy to give up and probably very hard to detach yourself from the result and just work. I would suggest the latter. You might end up scoring an exemption in a subject even if you don't clear the whole group. Or maybe, you might just end up touching passing marks with a wonderful stroke of luck. Don't give up. Keep at it, my friend. The experience won't take anything away from you. If nothing else, it might just help you acknowledge failure and strike back with better efforts. You wouldn't regret it.

All the best!

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