Sunday, 8 November 2015

Will my CA degree not help me in becoming a Financial Analyst? Should I study CFA instead?

The papers related to Finance in the CA curriculum are: Financial Management in CA IPCC, and Strategic Financial Management in CA Final. The SFM paper in CA Final is quite exhaustive and will cover most relevant topics of finance in detail.

However, a CFA will be a wonderful addition to your quiver for a finance specialization as the core focus of the course is on finance, whereas CA focuses more on accounting, auditing and taxation.

Eventually, it's the practical aspects on-the-job that teach you all you need to know on how Financial Markets work and run. You could pursue finance through either of the two courses. But if you're really interested, I would suggest trying to get as many finance focused internships as you can, constantly follow all major market trends/news across the world, read as much as you can about these subjects (options, futures, indices, derivatives, trading mechanisms, financial instruments, risk and return, etc.) so that you have a solid theoretical grounding.

Hope this gives some clarity.

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