Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Is there anyone on Quora who has done CA, CS and CMA? How did he do it? What are the career prospects after it?

Hi! I completed the courses of BFIA, CS, CMA and CA.

About how I did it: I happened to take all four of these courses' entrances after finishing my 12th CBSE Board exams and managed to pass the foundation exams for all. During my undergraduate program, I kept trying to take the intermediate exams of all these courses whenever I could find the time. As I did not have a lot of time to spare, I couldn't take tuitions and relied completely on self-study. Gradually, I cleared these exams one after the other. What really helped is the fact that a lot of the subjects are common to all courses. The core idea is to keep the faith and just keep trying. The thought of tackling all these courses simultaneously seems intimidating, but you have to focus on the next set of exams at hand without worrying about the exams that will follow.

About career prospects: I am currently practicing as a Chartered Accountant. You may decide to look for a job in one of the Big 4, or in the industry or whatever pleases you. Remember, your degree is only a passport to get you in the field of work. What you make of it depends completely on your own goals and how far you dare to dream.

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