Thursday, 3 December 2015

Why do we need CA's when softwares can do the work they do?

Why do you need coders when computerized software can do the tasks they do?
Why do we need cooks when ready to eat packaged food is available?

You need a human brain behind a number of tasks that these softwares can perform. And there is always a limitation to the extent to which such tasks can be performed. A simple Income Tax Return may be easily filed by a software. However, you would need a CA to personally look into specific tax matters which are prone to litigation due to variation in interpretation based on different contexts. Further, auditing softwares can perform a number of tasks, which save time and aid in audit procedures. However, an intelligent person may find ways to override the validation tools employed by a software. You would need a human brain to intervene and do what the software cannot.

I would hope for a world which is so advanced that machinery and computer can do all tasks that humans can. However, the pros and cons of such a situation make for another debate.

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