Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Why should you prefer Mutual Funds - I

We all have dreams and money certainly goes a long way to provide for those dreams. And, who doesn't dream of being financially free and/or independent?

We all look for best avenues for investments, according to our Savings, budget and financial goals.

While we look out for investment options, rate of return is of prime importance and if history is an indication, the Indian Stock Market has delivered the best returns. In other words, "EQUITIES" as an asset class has proved to be the best investment option. 

Historically, NIFTY 50, the benchmark Indian Stock market Index has delivered approx 16% return, annually over the past decade. This number, clearly, beats all the other asset classes. 

And the best way, to be an investor in the same is Mutual Funds.

Now the most important question, why Mutual Funds?