Saturday, 14 September 2019

How can I open a Trading and Demat Account? What are the necessary documents required?

Opening a Trading and Demat Account is fairly hassle-free days. The process is simple.

Following are the two ways to open your account:

1. Physical Application Form:

In this, you need to fill up a form and submit it to the Broker with whom you're opening your account. This requires the following documents:

a. Passport size photo.
b. Self attested copy of PAN card
c. Self attested copy of Aadhaar card
d. Cancelled cheque with three months bank statement

2. Online Account opening with E-KYC:

In this, no physical documentation is needed. All you need is to have your Aadhaar card linked with your Phone and account can be activated with OTP process. For this, only the following electronic documents are needed:

a. Aadhaar photo
b. Self attested PAN card photo
c. Three months bank statement
d. Bank details like, Account number ad IFS Code.

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